Welcome, dear visitor, if you went to the site Medical Center Alpha Clinic, you are most likely looking for an opportunity to get rid of pain or prevent its occurrence.

We can assure you, you made ​​the right choice We do not cover the big names of major medical centers in Israel and do not want anyone to mislead, as do almost all companies that offer their services in the field of medical tourism in Israel. It is for this reason we offer you to get acquainted with the history of our company.

Two years ago, at the Medical Center Alpha Clinic bell rang, it was known in Haifa Dr. Alfred Caan, asking for help for a little girl from Ukraine, who along with her parents had already arrived in Haifa, with a preliminary diagnosis of Ukrainian doctors – leukemia.

Timing was not on the days and at the clock. Due to the fact that we are already more than a year are directly related to the best hospitals and leading specialists in Israel, we were able to quickly diagnose and arrange counseling for the child, fortunately, the diagnosis was not confirmed! Was immediately put a different diagnosis and prescribed treatment. Soon the baby with his parents returned to their home.

After this incident, the doctor more than once appealed to us for help sick children. We are happy to have helped and participated in the treatment of these wonderful babies!

Upon return, these families to their homeland (Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Baltic States), we were showered with calls from their friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, asking for help in the organization of diagnosis and treatment in Israel.

Realizing that she was such a situation, we have decided to provide services for the provision of treatment to foreign citizens in Israel.

We beleave:

Nothing is impossible, just need to find out who do it!

Why do patients choose Medical Center Alpha Clinic?

  • The quality of medical services in Israel is among the best in the world
  • Medical treatment in Israel is very efficient,
  • Diagnostics and treatments are performed according to the world’s highest standards of evidence-based medicine
  • We engage highly qualified medical specialists and services, at the best clinics of Israel
  • We offer the most comprehensive range of medical services, using the most advanced technologies and procedures
  • Medical Center Alpha Clinic has successfully conducted hundreds of surgeries, made hundreds of diagnoses, healed hundreds of oncological cases, and performed hundreds of efficient IVF procedures

Diagnosis and treatment in Israel – the best choice for those who care about their health, that’s why the country for many years holds the primacy of medical tourism.

And if you want to take full advantage of Israeli medicine, your best choice – Medical Center Alpha Clinic.