Israeli medicine works in the areas of oncology, general surgery, IVF, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, radiotherapy, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, has centers tomography institutions dialysis.

Treatment in Israel always successful because the technological equipment is constantly being improved, in medical techniques innovating. For this reason, medical centers in the country accept patients from all over the world.

For a more comfortable stay in the medical institutions of the patient is always accompanied by the employee, speaking their native language for the patient, which facilitates the understanding of a doctor.

Each patient can choose your doctor, who will watch it right up to the recovery. This has a positive effect on health outcomes, as relationship of trust between doctor and patient improves the effectiveness of treatment.

In Israel, for the first time in the world had a successful treatment of metastatic brain cancer. World leader radiation technology, the company Brainlab, provided Israeli hospital technology for radiation aimed at localized areas of cancer in the brain without affecting healthy tissue. In this treatment takes less time, can be simultaneously irradiated to 10 metastasis, radiation exposure is significantly reduced, improving the quality of life of the patient, the side effects are minimized.

Woman doctor.