Breast cancer – a disease which is susceptible to both men and women, regardless of age, and the sooner it is detected the disease, the more effective and successful becomes its treatment in clinics in Israel – especially.

Intrigue of the disease lies in the fact that the tumor is very difficult to detect in the early stages of its formation, even at very careful self-examination. And in order to get an early diagnosis of breast cancer and undergo the necessary treatment, it is necessary to apply to the clinics, which have modern diagnostic equipment and experienced professionals.

Unfortunately, the citizens of our country’s system of priorities pushes own health not even for a second, and a 5-10 place. First you have to redo all the work at the cottage, at home, in the family, to help parents go on vacation, and then, perhaps, will reach the turn to health. As a result, have to treat already heavily neglected diseases.

You must be very careful about their health and if it finds any indication that the presence of a tumor, not to lose time and look only to the present and experienced professionals.

People who once faced with such a necessity, it is recommended in cases of suspected breast cancer, contact the Israeli clinics for accurate and timely diagnosis, and if necessary – and for treatment.

To date, the most successful is the treatment of breast cancer in Israel, as all Israeli hospitals have modern equipment and can accommodate all who need treatment, or wants to be diagnosed.

In order to be diagnosed, you must contact the Cancer Center. Most often recommended for the diagnosis and treatment in Israel, the clinic which is famous around the world. This can be done by e-mail, telephone or the Internet, where you can directly consult with specialists clinic in Tel Aviv.

There are several methods of diagnosis, and in each case the physician will determine which method to diagnose the patient will go, based on the age and general condition of the patient, presence of other diseases which may be accompanied by the formation of a tumor in a breast, the family of hereditary diseases.

The most common method of diagnosis of breast cancer is mammography, which allows to identify even a very small tumors that can not always be detected by routine physical examination. But for a more complete picture of the examination the doctor may suggest an ultrasound exam to pass or MRIs.

Innovative method of infrared scanning provides an opportunity to identify breast cancer at an early stage and is the most secure and absolutely painless. It is used in almost all hospitals in Israel. Prices depend on the survey of diagnostic methods and their number. So, sometimes for more accurate diagnosis may need to do a biopsy, or so-called histological examination and blood test.

In the treatment of cancer the most important thing to be screened regularly, without waiting for the onset of symptoms. Only careful attention to your health is the key to successful treatment.