Diabetes – a disease that occurs as a result of absolute or relative insulin deficiency in the human body.

Israeli physicians are studying the causes and effects of this disease with special attention.

Numerous clinical studies conducted on the basis of hospital complexes Israel have to maximize ease the condition of patients with diabetes, and often permanently reduce the symptoms of this disease.

In Israel, there are government programs to continually supply diabetic patients with insulin in the required quantities.

Not less than professional approach to diabetes exists with respect to “medical tourists” who do not have the benefits that citizens have.
These services – highly professional doctors who treat diabetes, the latest achievements of laboratories, effective medicines.

Diabetes – a disease in which the patient should be constantly under regular medical supervision.

Developed and proven system of remote consultation diabetics allow you not only to undergo treatment, but also to stay on a permanent long-term connection with the doctor, having access to purchase the necessary medication.