Diagnosis and treatment in Israel – the best choice for those who care about their health, no wonder the country for many years holds the championship in medical tourism.
And if you want to take full advantage of Israeli medicine, your best bet – Medical Center Alpha Clinic.

High level of Israeli medicine is known around the world: in the country to produce complex analysis and diagnostic procedures. Produced very high quality drugs, and successfully developed a completely new types of alternative medicine based on high technology. Israeli health has modern hospitals, perfect equipment, as well as, perhaps, the world’s largest number of doctors per capita.

Treatment in Israel can be a different “class” and our task is to find the best option for you, and a better doctor. Israelis also choose for themselves a better doctor. And you have to avoid mistakes: mediocre treatment, and avoid becoming a victim of fraud patient (this is found in Israel and Russia, and Germany). How to do it? We will help you choose a doctor and hospital in Israel.

How to? – All patients experienced, and the Israelis and foreigners are treated through private clinics have the best doctors, and foreigners with the help of the best medical providers. As a rule, you will not find a sensible VIPs in a public hospital. Thus, the cost of treatment, the complex, are not much different, sometimes even lower. In the treatment in Israel are floating rates, so the patient has problems with mediators, but not with the medical staff clinics.