Kidneys perform a very important function in our body. They cleanse it from various debris and help generating urine.

Urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder. They also regulate the amount of body fluids and blood pressure. In addition, the kidneys perform a number of other vital functions for us.
Statistics and risk factors for kidney cancer

Risk factors in this case are: smoking, cystitis and tuberous sclerosis hereditary zabolevanie-.
Kidney cancers

The tumor may appear under the microscope variously. Depending on how it looks cancers are divided into several types of kidney: Clear cell, popilyarnaya tumor, oncocytic, chromophobic and tumors in the collecting duct of the kidney.
Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

Usually the symptoms of kidney cancer include: blood in urine, abdominal pain and the appearance of a lump in the lower back, etc.
Often, the tumor does not manifest itself in the early stages of its development and it is possible to discover quite by accident.
Experts recommend following the discovery of the tumor and give a urine sample to be tested for CT absence or presence of metastasis.
Classification of kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is classified according to its prevalence in the human body.
If the tumor is concentrated in one place (and the patient is on one of the first three stages of cancer), kidney removed. Removed and the adrenal gland, lymph nodes and connective tissue around the kidney.

If the tumor is in a different mestah- remove kidney useless. Chemotherapy, too. Experts recommend medication.