Today, Israel is the most famous country in which high-quality medical services are provided. It is constantly in a large flow of patients from the United States, Russia and CIS countries. It is here that the treatment is the most inexpensive and effective. Such a choice is caused by high level of professionalism and competence of health professionals in Israel, as well as the use of modern approaches to the treatment and modern high-tech medical equipment. Most complex diseases at different stages of development successfully cured, thanks to the introduction of new technologies and powerful diagnostic base.

Favorable climatic conditions and a large number of sites contributes to the favorable opportunity to rest and escape from the disease. Tourism is well developed in Israel and is one of the sectors of the economy.

Treatment in Israel are thousands of patients each year. And among them there are even large corporations, companies, banks. By the well-known clinics include hospitals Sheba, Ichilov, Assuta. In each of these clinics were carried out complicated operations and discoveries in medicine. Thus the largest center of Sheba was first performed open-heart surgery and transplantation of artificial and Ichilov Hospital developed a method for the treatment of skin cancer without surgery.

Medical Centers in Israel differ possibility of providing assistance to the most stringent standards of the international community. To improve access and ease of care in Israel, foreign patients from Russia and Ukraine can communicate with Russian-speaking staff.

When treating patients in Israel with his shot all organizational concerns, and he can safely focus on curative measures. The basic rule of any clinic is an individual approach to each patient, careful examination of his medical history, conducting consultation meetings, preparation of a comprehensive treatment program.

After admission to the hospital to track the results of diagnosis, and stages of medical treatment during the entire period of time while he is in the hospital. But even after he went home, he still has the opportunity to get answers to questions and solve problems, and if necessary to contact a physician.