Medical Tourism in Israel is a relatively new niche in the tourism industry and the country’s health. It is estimated that every year coming to Israel for the treatment of 30,000 patients from abroad, about 80% of them – cancer patients. The popularity of medical tourism in Israel – a consequence of the high-level Israeli medicine and relatively low compared with other developed countries, prices for medical services. Medical tourism industry in Israel is not governed by special laws or regulations of the Ministry of Health. In the absence of specific regulations hospitals work with patients from abroad for the same instructions as with patients – Israeli citizens.

In recent years, patients from abroad are often the question arises whether it is possible to arrange treatment in Israel without intermediaries and how to do it. However, medical tourism is a rather complicated structure, so before you make a decision about how to get to Israel for treatment, it is advisable to learn all the intricacies of this complex process.

It is no secret that Israel today has turned into one of the most attractive destinations for medical tourists. Modern clinics, qualified doctors, a large experience in the treatment of serious diseases and lower prices for medical services than in Europe, attracted to Israel for treatment of patients from around the world. As a rule, patients from abroad come to the clinic with the help of Israeli intermediaries.

Медиицинский Туризм в израиле