Neurosurgery – this is an area of medicine that deals with disorders of the central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems, including their supporting structures and vascular system work – blood supply.

Neurosurgery in Israel – the subject of much attention of medicine, in particular due to increased demand for treatment of spinal problems and neurological diseases in patients not only from among the citizens of the country, but also abroad.

Israeli professional level allows neurosurgeons to provide quality care to patients not only young and middle age, but older people who as a result of medical treatment or surgery are able to lead an active and healthy lifestyle for many years.

Israeli neurosurgeons equally successful surgical practice and non-surgical treatments. Often due to competent prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of the patient manages to pull even help in severe emergency.

Neurosurgical departments Israeli hospitals equipped with modern technology, the services patients – a great team of doctors, including alternative medicine, shown in some cases of neurological disorders, massage therapists, medical halls simulators.

We invite you not only to treat acute cases but also to undergo preventive courses to help for a long time to get rid of neurosurgical problems.

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