oncologyDiagnostics in the treatment of cancer first and foremost includes the speedy verification of diagnosis with advanced tests for tumor markers, biopsy under CT, histological verification process using modern laboratory systems, full body scan at the present positron emission tomography for the detection of distant metastases and complete clinical and morphological picture protsessa.Vozmozhnosti intraoperative histology significantly improve a patient’s chances for a successful recovery.

Main directions of activity of cancer MC Alpha Clinic ®:

  • All types of cancer lesions of organs and systems
  • Treatment of multiple remote and solitary metastases
  • Neoplastic processes.

Cancer treatment in Israel by specialists highly kategorii.Neobhodimoe possession deep knowledge and ability to perform all kinds of operational benefits-are the hallmarks of professionals working with MC Alpha Clinic ®. Availability of modern chemotherapy last option for individual selection, coupled with in-depth knowledge Chemotherapeutists, allow many patients to avoid invasive surgery, or move it with the least oslozhneniyami.V MC Alpha Clinic ® diagnosis “cancer” is not a verdict.