You need a complicated operation, but you do not know who to entrust the care of your health?

Israeli surgery is to the highest international standards and has a great reputation, Israeli surgeons constantly improve their skills and improve his skills.

Want to know whether it is in Israel to solve your problem?

In Israel, a virtuoso produce complex operations in all areas of surgery. Many Israeli methods are unique, even in countries with the most advanced medicine such as USA, England, Germany, and others.

Are you interested in the level of equipment of Israeli surgeons?

Surgical equipment at clinics in Israel corresponds to the latest medical and computer equipment, are widely used laser technology, operations are carried out by means of ultrasound, and in many cases, a recent development in the field of medical equipment robotic surgeon.

All operations are carried out in Israel by experienced surgeons, skillfully owning the most advanced medical equipment, most of the operations carried out by minimally invasive (through small incisions). Therefore significantly reduces the risk of complications and recurrences, as well as many times reduces the period of post-operative rehabilitation.

The clinic Alpha Clinic operations are carried out in all directions of modern surgery:

Abdominal surgery (surgery of organs and walls of the abdominal cavity)
Cardiac (heart surgery)
Neurosurgery (surgery of the nervous system)
General Surgery
Cancer surgery (removal of cancerous tumors and metastases)
Orthopedic surgery (spinal surgery, joint operations limb surgery of the foot)
plastic surgery
Proctology surgery (surgery of the intestine and anus)
Radiofrequency (irradiation for cancer higher dose of ionizing radiation)
Vascular surgery (surgery of blood vessels)
Spinal surgery (surgery of the spine and spinal cord)
Thoracic surgery (surgery of the chest)
Trauma (surgery due to fractures, dislocations, sprains, etc.)
Transplantation (organ transplantation)
Urological surgery (surgery of the urogenital tract)
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Endocrine surgery (surgery of the thyroid gland)

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