To start a process, you have to send a request with a brief description of your medical condition to the email address of Medical Center Alpha Clinic.

Within one business day, you will be contacted by a representative of Medical Center Alpha Clinic to clarify the nature of the medical condition, and to determine the extent of the required medical examinations and treatments (for this discussion, please prepare all of the medical documents you have at your disposal, such as excerpts from patient record, test results, and medical examination reports).

The data you provide will be forwarded to the medical specialists, who will prepare a plan of medical examinations and diagnostic operations required to determine the therapeutic approach within the relevant department of an Israeli clinic.

An email message will be sent to you, detailing the plan, including medical examinations, consultancy, and treatment, and indicating the cost of each step/procedure.

At your convenience, a Skype conference will be arranged for you to ask questions and to obtain additional information from a representative of Medical Center Alpha Clinic®.

The next step will be for you to send a copy of the first page of the patient’s travel passport, as well as the first pages of the passports of all  the people that will accompany the patient; this is done in order to schedule the date for medical examinations and the consultation and to book lodgings.

We will then discuss and set the date of your arrival (it is best to arrive on a Saturday, since in Israel the business week commences on Sunday).We will take care of airport pickup, transfer and check-in at a hotel or at an apartment reserved for you in advance. Patients are given mobile telephones for a 24/7 communication with the employees of Medical Center Alpha Clinic, to discuss all issues of concern and any problems arising during their stay in the country.

The day following your arrival you will be picked up by our agent, who will take you to the hospital to undergo a thorough medical examination (usually, a complete medical examination takes 1-2 days).

On the third day of your stay, a consultation will be organized with a leading expert in the particular area of interest (our consultants are the Israeli medical doctors in charge of specialized hospital departments or managing specialized clinics), and it will be attended by an employee of Medical Center Alpha Clinic®.

The employees of Medical Center Alpha Clinic will prepare the official translation of all documents produced in the course of your medical examinations and consultations, and will prepare a detailed hospital discharge report (excerpt) to serve as an official document for presentation to the medical institutions in the place of your permanent residence.

In the event that the patient agrees to the medical treatment suggested by the medical specialist, the details of the treatment process (nature, duration, cost, etc.) will be discussed.

Following the completion of medical examination or treatment, a transfer to the airport will be provided.

The managers and the staff of Medical Center Alpha Clinic® sincerely wish you the best of health, and will do their best to make your wishes come true!