Israel has turned into one of the most attractive destinations for medical tourists. Modern clinics, qualified doctors, a large experience in the treatment of serious diseases and lower prices for medical services than in Europe, attracted to Israel for treatment of patients from around the world. As a rule, patients from abroad come to the clinic with the help of Israeli intermediaries.

Organiovat treatment in Israel foreign citizen in an Israeli hospital – it is quite a simple matter. You can compare this with the work of a travel agent, only more complicated. First of all, you need to get from a patient medical information, to understand it, to understand it at all possible to help him in Israel, is there any sense of it coming or not.

It is important to orient the patient that he can expect from the treatment in Israel, and do not mislead him with false promises. A good mediator should understand medicine, know the situation on the market of medical services and be able to choose for the patient that clinic, which is best able to help with his disease.

Since the majority of Israeli doctors do not speak Russian, documents are usually translated into English or Hebrew. Thereafter, based on compiled by a specialist medical plan, managers spend calculation – calculate the cost of all necessary for the patient medical procedures.

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Лечение в Израиле

Diagnosis and treatment in Israel – the best choice for those who care about their health, that’s why the country for many years holds the primacy of medical tourism.
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