Лечение Гинекологических заболеваний в ИзраилеMC Alpha Clinic® focuses on gynecological diseases, pregnancy and conservation assistance to those categories of women who, for whatever prichny are unable to become pregnant or carry a child physiological way.


Experts MC Alpha Clinic ® have extensive experience in treating a variety of diseases ginekologicheskihz. Modern ultrasound equipment expert class, as well as the latest medical technology in the diagnosis and treatment allow to provide medical services in various diseases, such as:

  • Cancers (disease of the uterus and its appendages, external genitalia and breasts).
  • Benign breast disease (diffuse and nodular breast, mastitis, lipoma, Paget’s disease).
  • Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus and its appendages (endometritis, endometriosis, adnexitises, salpingitis, salpingoofarity, mioimy and uterine fibroids, cysts and ovarian disease sklerodegenerativnye, fallopian tubes).
  • Various forms of menstrual disorders (menorrhagia, amenorrhea, menopause, dysfunctional uterine bleeding)

Diagnosis of diseases carried by modern ultrasound equipment expert class with Doppler mapping and the ability to 3D modeling. Laboratory studies can detect a wide range of causes of both infectious and noninfectious etiologies. Histological diagnosis and analysis curettage puncture biopsies differs osoboytochnostyu.

In the treatment of diseases, particular attention is paid to noninvasive operations and widespread adoption of laparoscopic techniques. Minimally invasive technologies allow our patients to complete the rehabilitation and return to active zhiznedeyatelsnoti promptly. Another important factor is that our doctors consultants are all methods of examination and operativnyhvmeshatelstv that allows patients MC Alpha Clinic ® is not running on different offices and get a full consultation with the attending doctor.


Experts MC Alpha Clinic ® understands chtoznachit for women pregnancy and childbirth. In our center, we offer an opportunity to make a pregnancy under the control of the leading gynecologists diagnose with 100% accuracy of fetal malformations, birth and have a physiological way Jedi using operational benefits in the best Israeli hospitals. The average family in Israel has a three to four children, so the problem of pregnancy and maternity in Israel is given special attention, the state and private investors do not skimp on the creation of top-class and the purchase of modern equipment for expensive moms.