Department of Urology at Israeli hospitals provide services for the treatment of patients with different pathologies in urological system: prostate (prostatitis), urethra (renal pelvis, ureter and bladder), kidney.

Doctors with whom we do business to conduct a full treatment of patients with problems in these authorities, including the development of guidelines and medical support for the patient at all stages up to the rehabilitation outside the department and outside of Israel.

In severe cases, there is a possibility of medical consultation.

Department of Urology at Israeli hospitals superbly equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical technique. Based on them are carried out all kinds of treatment of diseases associated with the problems of urology:

  • Laser resection of the prostate;
  • Resection of the prostate;
  • Trensuretralnaya adenoma resection;
  • Open prostatectomy;
  • Reverse (reverse) vasectomy (restoring fertility after vasectomy);
  • Gidroselektomiya;
  • Removal of kidney stones.

Many of the procedures in the field of urology, held in Israeli hospitals, available only leading medical centers in the world.

It is important to note that Israel is constantly tested in clinical trials in the field of urology and made ​​preparations for some time is not introduced into mass production.

Due to the special relations of our company with the best clinics and offices, specializing in the treatment of urological diseases, we are able to offer our patients the highest level of treatment using all the achievements of Israeli medicine in general.

Urology department work closely with offices urologic oncology, allowing assist patients, regardless of disease severity.